Giving Your Home a Rustic Look

rustic decor


The rustic look is becoming more and more the preferred look for homes both old and new. Natural fibers and materials that complement each other but don’t necessarily match, as well as lots of stone and wood, are the accents being used, and old and hand-me-downs are treasured pieces. There are a few things you can do to achieve this look, and you will find putting your home together in the rustic style both fun and cost effective.


Mix and Match
Using styles of furniture that complement each other, choosing different colors, prints, and textures of fabrics gives a home a cozy and warm feel. There is not as much focus on matching in the rustic style. This makes shopping and decorating both interesting and enjoyable.
Used and Second Hand
Using hand-me-downs, family heirlooms, and second hand furniture is a great way to decorate in the rustic style. Woods, rattans, and other natural materials are the way to go. Thrift shops are wonderful places to shop and to get ideas.
Earth Tones
With the use of natural materials you will also want to go with colors that speak of nature. Reds, gold, oranges, and greens compliment and old wood table, or other wood pieces. Decorating with accents in these hues on the mantle of a stone fireplace gives warmth to a room. Don’t be afraid of using pastels or jewel tones on painted and distressed furniture or cabinets for interest. The point is to complement, not to match.
Stainless steel may be trendy, but it doesn’t lend to that rustic feel. Older appliances are more casual and cozy, and tell a story of prior use, and perhaps even family. Of course you want pieces that work well, but stay away from anything that is sleek or formal.
The rustic look in a home is both welcoming and highly wearable. Guests will instantly feel at home, relaxed, and comfortable. You won’t be likely to worry as much about dirtying the sofa, or scratching a side table. With rustic, the more worn out it is the better.