How to Arrange Your Bedroom Furniture

When deciding how you want to arrange your bedroom the first thing you should consider is what you want to use the space for.

If you have a large bedroom you have more space to utilize and if you have a smaller bedroom you have to be smarter about the space you are using. The largest focal point for the bedroom should be your bed and your headboard. It is the largest piece of furniture you typically have in your bedroom so why not show it off?

The bed is typically placed across from the door of your bedroom so when you open the door it is the first thing you see. There are a few more things to consider before placing your bed there. First, is it blocking a window? Not only is the window going to be used for air but it also allows light to come into the bedroom. If you block the window you won’t have the light and it will make it more difficult to open when needed.

Also be sure to not obstruct the door or a walkway within the bedroom. If you cut off access to your closet or dresser with the bed, then your bedroom is not going to operate as you wish.

A few more things to think about when planning your bedroom arrangements are where your other furniture pieces are going to go. First: your dressers. If you have a large enough closet, consider placing your dresser inside the closet to free up floor space. Also you will need a place for your bed side table. If you have glasses or other loose items you probably want to place them next to you when you sleep. A bedside table would make this easier. But, make sure you are buying a table that isn’t too large for the space.