Making the Most of Your Dining Room space

dining room
Many people have a dining room in their house, but many times it gets used as a storage room or the place where all the boxes go after you don’t have another room to move them in. Take back your dining room and use some of these clever tips to bring life to the room.
Corner Extra Chairs- Most dining sets have more chairs than there is space for, usually because you table came with a extra leaf for when you decide to have that big thanksgiving dinner. Instead of hiding these chairs in the basement, corner them on an angle to provide functional lively space.
Functional Reading Space- Yes the dining room is for dining, but if you do not utilize this space often use one of the corners with an angled chair and add a lamp for a unique reading space.
Add storage- Many times dining rooms have china cabinets with drawers for extra things like napkins or table cloths. This will give the room more than one function.
Different Furniture- If you do not want your dining room to look like grandmas but you still want storage space, buy an unconventional cabinet that will give you all the space you need, like a old roll top desk or hutch.
Change the Drapes- Sometimes a space can get dark and dreary because of the window treatments. Make time to take a look around and find something that will let in light but will also go nicely in your space. They can really change the look of the room!
Art- Any art will brighten up the space but only certain art will take it to another place. Use art that continues from one wall to the next to make the space feel larger.