Shaker vs. Mission Style Furniture

When people attempt to define Amish furniture design, they are often unaware that this style includes two different furniture makes: shaker and mission furniture.

There are distinctive differences between the shaker and mission styles of furniture. Here we delve into the history behind each style. Shaker vs. Mission Style Furniture

A Look behind Shaker Design

The shaker movement was born in 1770s when followers of this religion settled into communities in the United States after leaving the Church of England. The shaker movement was characterized by quaking arm movements and express body gestures that summoned the energy of Jesus Christ.

Ornamentation was seen as immodest, and that is why the shaker style of furniture is very traditional in design. This style of furniture is often described as “gentle” because of the clean curves created in each piece. The most iconic piece that captured the shaker style was the shaker chair, made from lightweight wood like maple and pine. Pegs around the base of the chair were originally placed for function over style; the pegs helped keep the chair off the ground.

Features of Mission Style Furniture

Following the heels of the shaker movement was the arts and crafts movement. Mission style furniture arrived in the 19th century, when a yearning for hand-craftsmanship burned intensely and soothed anxieties over the coming of the new industrialization period. This style shattered rigid standards created by mechanization and allowed artisans to return to the simplicity of the craft.

Mission style furniture was characterized by rustic finishes, straight angles, with black and metal hardware, and derived from design elements inspired by the Spanish missions of California. This popular furniture style remained contemporary up until the 1930s when the art deco movement took over.

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