Wooden Toys for Children

wooden toys

Wooden toys have been around forever, and they will continue to be brought into every home where there are children.  There are several reasons as to why wooden toys continue to be purchased each year and are enjoyed by kids of all ages.

  • Wooden toys are practical, easy to clean and they will last through the roughest of play times.  You cannot compare the durability of a wooden toy to its plastic counterpart, it just wouldn’t be fair.
  • They involve your children.  Children must actually interact with the toy, there are no buttons where once you press it the toy takes over and sings its song or dances around the floor.  With wooden toys you have to pull, turn and move it yourself while you lie on the floor or sit in your seat.
  • They are much less dangerous.  There are so many less parts to be swallowed or cut with or broken off and chewed on.  Leaving you as the parent much more comfortable.
  • They last a lifetime.  We all know how it feels to buy a toy and two weeks later it is destroyed and your child is having a meltdown when you have to throw it away.  You are then forced to run to the store and spend another $19.99 on a replacement.  Wooden toys can last generations, there may need to be a quick tune up or repair but the value in the price is there.
  • There are so many wooden toy choices to choose from.  Some of them include: building blocks, board games, wooden trains, pull-alongs, horses, doll houses, puzzles, farms, towns, people and more.  The list of possibilities is almost endless.