Amish Made Durable Furniture Vs Store Purchased Pieces

When it comes to furnishing your home, there is nothing like durable, hand-crafted Amish furniture. The traditional style of Amish home furnishings is incomparable. If you are unfamiliar with the Amish culture, they are a group of Christian individuals who do not believe in the use of modern technology, allowing them to be extremely skillful in manufacturing furniture and other items by hand. They believe in a simple lifestyle and rely on honest, hard work.

The benefits of purchasing Amish-made furniture over department store furniture are numerous. Hand-crafted Amish furniture created using only the highest quality materials. More often than not, furniture sold in chain department stores are mass-produced and manufactured with low-quality lumber and materials such as particle board. Furniture that is constructed with these materials of minimal quality not only makes the finished product look cheap, but decrease the life of the furniture, as most pieces chip and break.

Hand-crafted, Amish-made furniture is created with real wood. As stated above, department store furniture is often created with low-quality lumber such as particle board and even laminate. The Amish-made furniture is manufactured only the highest quality wood and is often hand selected for your custom piece of furniture. The Amish choose each piece of wood with your preferences in mind as well as the knowledge of what is best suited for the project.

The Amish faith of traditional values and a strong work ethic assures that your product is made with careful selection and superior quality. In addition, your product will be made in a shop that is free of chemicals unlike furniture that is mass-produced in factories. These mass-produced items also do not hold the durability that Amish furniture exhibits. Amish-made furniture has the ability to be enjoyed by the owner for many years and become a family heirloom that can be passed down from generation to generation.

Starting a Hope Chest with a durable Trunk or Chest

It is tradition in many families to begin a hope chest for your daughter for when she is married and ready to leave the nest. It is a very sentimental gesture to give your daughter some key items to get started with when she is married. 

 No matter what your budget is for this, you can decide to start adding in the smaller cost items first for her like cookbooks, small kitchen items, and dishtowels. As your budget affords you can begin adding in more expensive items, that are also must haves.

 The more heart and thought that you put into the items you include will be appreciated even more. If you are great at sewing or are crafty, consider embroidering some of the different linens that you include. Another great option would be to sew a quilt. You can sew a quilt for your future grandchildren, or as a wedding gift. 

 Usually hope chests are made out of cedar; this type of material is great for preserving items over a long period. Click here for an example of one of our cedar chests that would be great for a hope chest. 

 Lastly in your hope chest you should include family memories or heirlooms that you pass down from generation to generation.  A scrapbook of pictures of her life would be great to add as well.  You can even tuck a few notes away to remind your daughter how much you love her.

 Feel free to be creative, and use this information as a guide to get started.  No matter if your budget is big or small; any items that you can put away for your daughter when she is married or moves out will always be appreciated. 

The Benefits of Poly Outdoor Furniture

Imagine owning outdoor furniture that doesn’t require any maintenance or storage! The new standard in Amish outdoor furniture is polywood, which is a high density plastic made from materials that would otherwise end up in a landfill. Polywood is sustainable, environmentally friendly,long-lasting and durable. It’s also available in many different styles and colors, so there’s plenty of custom options.

This furniture is very practical for a few different reasons

It’s durable:
This type of furniture is made to last decades & doesn’t require any extra staining or painting. It’s splinter free and won’t fade, warp or rot.

It’s strong:
Poly is heavier than wood, weather resistant and easier to clean.

It’s environmentally friendly:
Your purchase reduces landfill waste and saves trees- can’t beat that.

Poly furniture is proven to be a great investment that you’ll enjoy for many years- feel free to contact us with any questions you may have!

Unique Mailboxes to Add Curb Appeal

Do you ever get tired of seeing the standard black mailboxes with the silver lettering in front of every house you pass when you are taking a long walk or a drive down your street? They almost drown out the beauty of the house behind them, when there is nothing that will catch your eye right off the bat.  Adding a unique mailbox will set your house apart and add curb appeal.

If you are looking to add some extra flair to your house, how about putting out a mailbox that is a smaller version of your home?  It will definitely be intriguing to your neighbors or those who pass by.

For sports fans, you can always spruce up your dull mailbox by spray painting your favorite teams colors and adding a logo.  Everyone on the block will know who you are cheering for on Sundays.  Or this could be the ultimate gift for a sports fan.

No matter what your interests are in life, chances are that you can decorate your mailbox accordingly.  Think of your mailbox as a blank canvas that has so much potential going for it.  If you are in need of a little more inspiration check out this great article from Woman’s Day.

Always remember, a mailbox is one of the first things that someone sees as they drive past your house.  To add the best curb appeal and give off a memorable first impression, it is worth buying a unique mailbox.

Durable Amish Furniture for Kids Rooms

Have your kids finally outgrown their toddler beds? Now is the time to buy furniture that will last more than a few years.

When thinking about furniture, think about it as an investment. Spending a few more dollars to have quality furniture will be worth it in the end. Unlike with baby furniture that your kids seem to outgrow faster than you can buy it, children’s furniture lasts longer, if taken care of properly. Work with your children and have it be their responsibility to know that they need to take care of this item because they will have it for a long time to come. 

When those carefree moments come along you want to be assured that the furniture that you buy will be durable. The best advice is to buy from a trusted manufacturer. When you view their inventory online or in a store, look for flaws in workmanship. Also pay attention to the recalls on furniture as well. Each year many kids are hurt from misuse of furniture, and you want to be sure that your child is safe at all times.

After having the furniture past your kid’s years, you can always re-stain the cabinet, dresser, or bed to make it look new again. This will be great for sleepovers with your grandchildren when the time comes. 

When you do go shopping for furniture for your kids the thing that is on most parents minds is the budget. The best advice we can leave you with is, if you spend your money on cheap furniture that looks great now, you should plan on budgeting more in the future when your original furniture is ruined because it just wasn’t durable enough.

the beauty of Lancaster County

Here at Lapp’s Coach Shop we’re not only proud to offer beautiful locally handcrafted furniture; but to be able to call this great place home. Lancaster County is an favorite tourist destination and well known for great history, scenery, shopping, fun and delicious food.

Lancaster was settled in the early 1700’s and briefly made the capital of Pennsylvania. It has always prized for the rich farmland and is home to many Amish and Mennonite families; making for a place brimming with culture and diversity. Many locals are hard working farmers, carpenters and woodworkers with a reputation for quality work at a fair price.

As the farmers are getting ready for their annual harvest, we’re stocking up for the upcoming busy season and excited to offer new products, a revamped website and more to better serve you!

There is truly something for everyone here and we hope to see you on your next trip!=)

Wormy Maple Furniture

Have you heard of wormy maple wood? It’s a great choice for durability & resilience! This beautiful wood is well known for it’s unique pattern of stripes and worm holes.

Wormy maple wood derives it’s name from it’s worm holes created by the ambrosia beetle. This insect excavates tunnels in dead tress, leaving striking patterns in the grain. This does not diminish the wood’s strength at all..

This beautiful wood is trending in restaurants, homes and offices across the United States. All the wormy maple furniture that we offer is locally made here in Lancaster PA. Who knew beetles could be so artistic?=)


Major Benefits of Hickory Furniture

Hickory is becoming more popular, as homeowners continue to expand their decor options. Popular contemporary designs now include hickory cabinets, and even hickory floors. Though you want slight contrast in colors to make your furniture pop, your furniture should at least be the same style of wood throughout the home.

Not to mention Hickory provides some outstanding benefits to your decor, especially if you love rustic and romantic themes..

Below, we’ve highlighted just a few of the many benefits hickory furniture can bring to a home.

  • Hickory has attractive grain markings, which can appear as wavy or straight, depending on the sawing style.
  • Hickory provides a beautiful inimitable reddish brown color.
  • Famous for durability, hickory is the densest hard wood in North America.
  • Hickory is extremely useful and versatile; people use it for décor, construction, and even cooking!
  • Hickory has significant markings where branches would grow.
  • Hickory weighs about fifty pounds per square foot, so it is extremely strong and can withstand a lot.

All the hickory furniture available at Lapp’s Coach Shop is handcrafted in an Amish community in western Pennsylvania. We offer a great selection of hickory items that are top quality and reasonably priced.