the beauty of Lancaster County

Here at Lapp’s Coach Shop we’re not only proud to offer beautiful locally handcrafted furniture; but to be able to call this great place home. Lancaster County is an favorite tourist destination and well known for great history, scenery, shopping, fun and delicious food.

Lancaster was settled in the early 1700’s and briefly made the capital of Pennsylvania. It has always prized for the rich farmland and is home to many Amish and Mennonite families; making for a place brimming with culture and diversity. Many locals are hard working farmers, carpenters and woodworkers with a reputation for quality work at a fair price.

As the farmers are getting ready for their annual harvest, we’re stocking up for the upcoming busy season and excited to offer new products, a revamped website and more to better serve you!

There is truly something for everyone here and we hope to see you on your next trip!=)

How to Decorate an Amish Storage Chest

Handcrafted storage chests are not only visually appealing, but very durable. These types of chests are built to withstand many generations. Each rustic wooden chest is unique, but many of them look similar. Here are some ideas on how to transform the décor of your storage chest to spruce up your home and to reflect your personality.

amish furniture dresser chest draws

First, you should decide if you would like to maintain a common theme throughout the room. This will give you some direction on the route you wish to go when refurbishing your storage chest. If you are going for a rustic look to reflect a down-home, lodge-like feel, then perhaps you may want to distress the look of the trunk.

You can do this easily by purchasing some sandpaper at your local hardware store and “roughing” up the edges of the trunk. Keep in mind; it is better to sand too little at first than it is to sand too much! You can always go back and sand some more but you cannot undo  what has already been done. To create an even more rustic look, purchase some antique stain and paint over the sanded areas. Wipe off excess stain almost immediately with a soft cloth to obtain a deep, aged appearance.

If you are going for a more “finished” appearance to complement the style of your home, you may want to visit a craft store and purchase a specialized finish kit. These kits and stains allow you to refurbish your storage chest to appear as if they are marble, granite and even metallic. These kits are easy to use and include step-by-step directions. A storage chest with some gold leafing would be a wonderful addition to any room, leaving your guests wondering where you found such a beautiful chest!

Seven Interesting Facts about Durable Amish Furniture


Popular for durability and expert artisanship, Amish furniture has a reputation for greatness. In addition to aesthetics, function, and quality, these pieces come with a whole bag of “did you know” facts, which adds an intriguing factor to an otherwise ordinary tangible.


These facts are pretty cool, and they’ll make great conversation starters at your next get-together!



    Amish furniture contains no artificial materials or preparation additives; everything is natural

    Amish furniture crafting schools have been around since the early 1700’s

    Though rustic is the most common décor scheme, Amish furniture is versatile and can blend well with almost any decor

    The artisans construct the furniture in farm-like warehouses using talent and intricate materials

    Durable Amish pieces can withstand harsh weather, so the make ideal furnishing for outdoor kitchens, decks, and patios

    Amish furniture made from hickory or cherry wood is extremely elegant, and often consists of intricate designs and woodworking patterns

    Regardless of the project, each piece is hand selected by the artisan, to ensure only the best quality and captivating aesthetics




Wormy Maple Furniture


Have you heard of wormy maple wood? It’s a great choice for durability & resilience! This beautiful wood is well known for it’s unique pattern of stripes and worm holes.



Wormy maple wood derives it’s name from it’s worm holes created by the ambrosia beetle. This insect excavates tunnels in dead tress, leaving striking patterns in the grain. This does not diminish the wood’s strength at all..




This beautiful wood is trending in restaurants, homes and offices across the United States. All the wormy maple furniture that we offer is locally made here in Lancaster PA. Who knew beetles could be so artistic?=)


Major Benefits of Hickory Furniture

Hickory is becoming more popular, as homeowners continue to expand their decor options. Popular contemporary designs now include hickory cabinets, and even hickory floors. Though you want slight contrast in colors to make your furniture pop, your furniture should at least be the same style of wood throughout the home.

Not to mention Hickory provides some outstanding benefits to your decor, especially if you love rustic and romantic themes..

Below, we’ve highlighted just a few of the many benefits hickory furniture can bring to a home.

Hickory has attractive grain markings, which can appear as wavy or straight, depending on the sawing style.

Hickory provides a beautiful inimitable reddish brown color.

Famous for durability, hickory is the densest hard wood in North America.

Hickory is extremely useful and versatile; people use it for décor, construction, and even cooking!

Hickory has significant markings where branches would grow.

Hickory weighs about fifty pounds per square foot, so it is extremely strong and can withstand a lot.

All the hickory furniture available at Lapp’s Coach Shop is handcrafted in an Amish community in western Pennsylvania. We offer a great selection of hickory items that are top quality and reasonably priced.