Amish Furniture Construction and Finishing


The Amish history and culture is layers deep; and every aspect of the Amish lifestyle is touched by their very unique and treasured way of life. The style of Amish furniture and the way that it is made, is no exception. The making of Amish furniture is a hands-on process and requires attention to detail. Quality construction is the signature of the Amish, as special care is given to each project.

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Every Amish table is made to withstand the wear and tear of time and use. Each Amish table is constructed using the mortise and tenon method of joint construction. Though this is a simplistic way to construct a table, it is one of the strongest and most durable. The tenon, which is an interlocking piece cut into one end of a piece of wood, is cut to fit perfectly into the mortise, which is an opening, in the opposite piece of wood. In simpler terms, the mortise and tenon method is much like putting two Lego pieces together. It works extremely well and is one of the best methods around for furniture making.


Amish chairs are constructed in much of the same way. Spindle chairs are assembled with the use of glue and screws, and Mission style chairs are tenon and mortised, for extra durability and strength. The Amish take pride in sanding their furniture by hand, before it is finished. Finished and stained wood is also traditionally rubbed by hand, to completely remove any excess stain. This process makes the stain even, and helps to highlight the grains of the wood.


Bee’s Wax furniture polish: an amazing product

Taking care of your quality handcrafted furniture may seem complicated- but it’s really quite simple!
We recommend cleaning your furniture with a natural polish that prevents build up & the need for buffing. Around here a favorite product is the multi-purpose Bee’s Wax furniture polish. We’ve been using & selling this product for years and absolutely love it!


There’s a lot of furniture polishes on the market today; but this one is our go-to for a few reasons.


~ The Original Bee’s Wax Polish is completely natural; meaning no residue or chemicals go onto your wood.
~ It restores the natural beauty of wood and prevents dryness.
~ When it claims to be multi-purpose, it really is! Besides wood, this spray also works well on granite, leather, marble, stainless steel and even glass. It’s easy to see why it’s been acclaimed by House Beautiful, New York Social Diary and The Fabricator.
~ Last but not least- it’s very affordable, sprays on smoothly and leaves a wonderful, freshly cleaned scent.


We hope this information is helpful for you & that you’ll find this product to be the “bee’s knees”:)




More on Amish Hope Chests

 The hope chest (cedar chest, dowry chest, glory box) is traditionally what unmarried women use to put collections of clothing, dishware and bed and table linens in, as a preparation for married life. Hope chests are not just relics of yesteryear, as many families create them today made from chests that have become heirlooms and have been handed down. And Amish hope chests are hand made, durable pieces of art that anyone would feel privileged to own.


Amish furniture is traditionally made of fine woods such as oak, cherry, and hickory. It is made the old fashioned way, without electricity, and comes to you from the hands of skilled craftsmen who take great pride in what they create.The wood stains used are the finest in the world and there is a wide variety of colors to choose from.

 Amish hope chests are made with the same care as all Amish furniture. They are pieces that can be as individual as you are, and they can be made to your direct specifications. Stylish and durable, Amish hope chests are created to last and become family heirlooms, as one generation hands it down to the next, and they become beloved pieces of a family’s history.


Young women the world over are still making up hope chests as they look towards marriage. Hope chests are family treasures that are used with pride and a great deal of nostalgia by each generation. Amish made hope chests are especially in demand for their beautiful lines and impeccable quality, and they can be wonderful, lasting additions to any household.


Caring For Amish Furniture


Quick Advice on Caring for your Amish-Made Furniture


There are specific care instructions for Amish furniture, to maintain its beauty and polish. Keeping all furniture items out of direct sunlight exposure is highly critical for keeping your furniture in optimum condition. Too much sun exposure can change the look of the finish. It is also important to never over-wax Amish furniture; an excess of wax can eventually lead to developing white milky stains on the wood.

When cleaning Amish furniture, stay away from using any abrasives and cleaners containing bleach or ammonia. You can damage and scratch the wood by using either of these methods of cleaning. Be diligent about treasuring your Amish furniture, by not leaving any newspapers, plastic, or other paper products on table tops; if these items get wet, they can stain and dye your furniture. A gentle cleaner and a cream polish is recommended for proper and delicate care.


Be sure to keep your Amish furniture a good distance away from heating and cooling units, and never store your furniture in damp areas or rooms that get extremely hot or cold, such as basements and attics. If properly cleaned and cared for, Amish furniture can be passed down through generations of family, in stellar condition.




About Making Amish Furniture

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Furniture crafted by the Amish are notorious for being of the highest quality and built with amazing durability and beauty that is capable of lasting a lifetime. Amish furniture typically includes intricate designs that you won’t find in conventional furniture.


One of the most noteworthy benefits of Amish furniture is the sturdiness, which is why anyone who owns Amish furniture can use it for 30 plus years. With little maintenance, Amish furniture will remain in the same condition as it was when originally purchased.


Making Amish furniture takes time and skill. Much attention to detail is put into each and every piece. The techniques used to craft Amish furniture have been used for centuries, which is a testament to the quality of the craftsmanship and also to customer satisfaction.


There are many conveniences constructed into each piece that make the choice to purchase Amish furniture an easy decision. These conveniences include quality gear slides for opening and closing tabletops, self-storing table leaves and drawers for easy storage.


All Amish furniture is built from solid hardwood and stained to perfection. The stain applied is hand rubbed in order to showcase the beauty of the wood grain. A sealant is applied for shine and lasting protection.



Carriage House Furnishings is proud to showcase beautiful handcrafted Amish furniture in our store. You can browse through our various furniture collections and contact us with any questions you have about the pieces.

Designing an Amish Style Kitchen


Amish style homes tend to have large outdoor living areas that extend from the house; like porches, decks, and patio spaces. Windows are very consciously and strategically placed to take advantage of the summer breezes and to help control the internal temperature. Amish homes are well designed, and are built with a lot of care and attention.


During many hot summers, the Amish will use what is called, “a summer kitchen”, which is a space designed for cooking that is cooler, and usually built in a shaded area. Amish kitchens are usually never placed in the center of the home, where it is often the hottest, in the spring and summer seasons.


It is simple to create an Amish style kitchen for your summer cooking. Here are a few simplistic instructions on how to enjoy a bit of the Amish way of living, inside your home.


Locate an area in the home that is cool and possibly away from the center of the home; a shed or gazebo, is ideal. Hardwood floors are best because they don’t need vacuuming and are more easily kept clean. Stain the wood floors to maintain their shine and beauty. Stained hardwood floors are also easier to keep clean. If you don’t have a shed or gazebo, basements are also great places for Amish kitchens because they are normally the coolest space in the home.


Kitchen walls should be painted white with a high gloss paint. Amish kitchens are usually simple in design, very little color or distractions. High-gloss paint is also easy to clean should something splatter on them. The key to an Amish kitchen is to keep the design simple. Cleanliness is a virtue in the Amish culture.


The next step would be to hang hooks for your lighting, which would be white gas lanterns, in an Amish style kitchen.


Decorate simply in a minimalist style, and fill the kitchen with needed cooking supplies; a mortar and pestle, spices and fresh herbs, and a cast iron skillet. Since the Amish do not use electricity, kerosene and Coleman camp stoves allow you to cook without needing electricity. If you want your Amish kitchen to be more luxurious. a wood burning brick oven can be installed.


Outdoor wooden picnic tables are perfect for eating Amish dinners in the heat of the summer. The Amish tradition is all about family and gathering, and a family style table with benches would be the ultimate addition to your Amish style kitchen.

When Is it Time to Update Your Furniture?

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For most people, furniture is a statement that sets the tone of a room. It says whether your tastes are modern, traditional, or eclectic, and often is the determining factor in deciding on a color palette. Changing or updating your furniture can be a breath of fresh air just when you need one. So how often should you do this?


Do it when you have to, whether it is because you really need to see something different, or the furniture is falling apart. When you feel stuck or in a rut, what do you do to get out of it? For some people it is changing up their wardrobe, getting a new hairdo, or starting a workout routine. When it comes to your home or office, similar “facelifts” are often just the thing to do.


Changing the look of your furniture need not cost too much more than a trip to the hair salon. With a little paint and some creativity, you can completely change the feel of a piece of furniture. There are so many colors to choose from, and you can be both bold and conservative, depending on your mood. Paint is a very budget friendly way to go, so you can do it often, whenever you feel the emotional need.


Of course new upholstery is another way to update your furniture, and that may be a little more expensive and something you can’t do as often. But new upholstery can change the entire feel of a room. You can take a traditional piece of furniture and upholster it in a modern, abstract printed fabric and, Voila! You’ve got a new look.


Finally, –  and really best, when your wallet says you are able – buying new furniture is the most stunning change you can make to any room. Changing up the style of furniture you have can really make a difference in how you feel about a room.  It can change a sleek and clean-lined room, to something more sumptuous and lush.


Updating your furniture can be a fun weekend project, or something more complicated and expensive, but either way, it gives your room a renewed and refreshed look. When you feel the need and your budget agrees you can, do it. Both you and your room will feel reborn.








Consider Amish Made Bedroom Furniture


Your bedroom is your sanctuary, a respite from your hectic life. Your bedroom is where you wind down, decompress, and renew yourself.  You want clean lines, no clutter, nothing superfluous, fine materials and restful colors. Amish furniture can provide all that and more.

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Versatile and Stylish

Amish furniture can be very versatile and generally comes in three styles: Mission, Shaker and Queen Anne, but other styles are also available. There is sure to be one to suit your needs and your lifestyle. With its perfect functionality and durability, Amish furniture is timeless and unique in its design. It also should be said that Amish furniture can complement all styles of décor, from traditional to more modern. And Amish furniture can be customized so that you own a one-of-a-kind piece, something to pass on to the next generation.



Amish furniture is made the old fashioned way – by hand, without electricity. It differs from mass-produced furniture in another way; in that it is created with the finest materials, not cheap woods and particle board, so chipping is very rare. The fine hardwoods used, such as oak and cherry, are long lasting, and there is a wide variety of stains – one sure to please your color sense. Made with impeccable craftsmanship by skilled and proud artisans, Amish bedroom furniture – beds, dressers, settees, chairs and tables – can be a refreshing respite from a long day, comfortable and comforting.


Amish bedroom furniture is as unique as you are and highly prized by both dealers and collectors. Owning an Amish bedroom suite is a gift you can give yourself and your loved ones, and will last as an elegant piece of art for lifetimes.




An Amish Dining Room: Unique and Durable


Your home is a reflection of who you are and your lifestyle. Buying furniture for your home should be a fun and creative way to express yourself, and in keeping with the uniqueness of you, your furniture should be unique as well. The Amish have been making handcrafted furniture for hundreds of years, and there is no better way to bring a special look to a room than by using furniture made by the Amish.


Your dining room is the place where you do one of the most socializing things in life – eating a meal. Breaking bread with friends and family is one of life’s great pleasures and Amish craftsmen create some of the most beautiful, unique, and in many cases, one-of-a-kind furniture for this singular room.


The styles vary from Mission to Shaker to Queen Anne and, as the Amish eschew modern conveniences like electricity, their furniture is made the old-fashioned way, with great skill and care. Furnishing your dining room with Amish creations means that you honor and admire the workmanship, attention to details, and fine materials used by these artisans. Only the finest hard woods, like oak and cherry, are used for your table and chairs, and the durability and functionality of these pieces is unsurpassed.


If you are looking for a dining room set that reflects a rustic or Southwestern style look no further than Amish made furniture. Its simple lines, fine stains, and upholstery all bespeak times gone by, but the styling still works in a modern setting. You may find that you will want to hand down your dining room set from generation to generation, as it becomes a family heirloom.


Such is the nature of Amish made furniture. It is meant to be lived in, not just treated as decoration. It is not mass produced, isn’t prone to chipping, and so can remain in a family for lifetimes. Being unique in its quality and workmanship, Amish made furniture is something that will make your dining room a warm place to share a meal with those you love.





New Year, New Furniture!

The new year of 2014 is on the horizon and people are busy planning their resolutions. While getting fit, quitting a bad habit and saving money are important goals to strive for, how about re-decorating your home with new, durable Amish furniture.


New furniture for the New Year can be therapeutic and put a new perspective on the space in which you spend so much time. If you’re feeling guilty about making such a big purchase, just remember that the new year is all about new beginnings and new furniture can help kick off a great upcoming year.


A good start is to choose Amish furniture that fits your style and is comfortable. Since a new year is symbolic of new beginnings, think outside of the box and choose a furniture set you like, even if it’s very different from the style you are accustomed to.


Furniture retailers might be more likely to offer year-end deals on sets you couldn’t fit into your budget earlier in the year. Deals on down payments, interest free payments for the first year and markdowns are common as well. In order to receive your furniture before or shortly after the New Year, start shopping as early as Thanksgiving.


Treat yourself to a new look in your home with durable, attractive Amish furniture. Head back to our main site and browse our large inventory of quality items.





How to Decorate a Big, Sturdy Bookcase

amish made bookshelf


Amish furniture is durable, strong, and lasting. This means Amish-made bookcases could potentially hold a lot of weight. Bookcases aren’t just for books anymore. With sturdy shelving, you can use an Amish-made bookcase for a myriad of decorating purposes. Whether you have it embed into your walls, or you have your Amish bookcase standing freely, you can use a few elements to make this item a key piece in your home’s decor.


 •    First, you want to choose one shelf to leave blank, this can be your “seasonal shelf”. Use this area for items that represent the current time of year. For winter holidays, you can place handmade gifts from the children or fresh greens on the shelf, while in summer you can shelf fresh flowers and other warm decor.


 •    It’s important to keep one shelf for family photos and sentimental cards. This is usually the top or second shelf, as it remains eyelevel with passersby. Be sure to keep the frames in theme with the room. Usually when you have an Amish made bookshelf, you have other Amish-made furniture. It’s always safe to opt for country or rustic styled decor with this type of sturdy, stained furniture.


 •    Use a few shelves for books obviously, but you can also include DVDS or video/board games. For added creativity, you can get a bit festive with unique bookends.


 •    For the bottom shelf, remember you have a lot of space and this sturdy shelf can hold almost anything. You can place large items, baskets, or even stack handmade quilts on the bottom shelf.


Remember when you decorate to keep everything aligned with the theme of the room, and the current season.


Amish Made Durable Furniture Vs Store Purchased Pieces



When it comes to furnishing your home, there is nothing like durable, hand-crafted Amish furniture. The traditional style of Amish home furnishings is incomparable. If you are unfamiliar with the Amish culture, they are a group of Christian individuals who do not believe in the use of modern technology, allowing them to be extremely skillful in manufacturing furniture and other items by hand. They believe in a simple lifestyle and rely on honest, hard work.


The benefits of purchasing Amish-made furniture over department store furniture are numerous. Hand-crafted Amish furniture created using only the highest quality materials. More often than not, furniture sold in chain department stores are mass-produced and manufactured with low-quality lumber and materials such as particle board. Furniture that is constructed with these materials of minimal quality not only makes the finished product look cheap, but decrease the life of the furniture, as most pieces chip and break.


Hand-crafted, Amish-made furniture is created with real wood. As stated above, department store furniture is often created with low-quality lumber such as particle board and even laminate. The Amish-made furniture is manufactured only the highest quality wood and is often hand selected for your custom piece of furniture. The Amish choose each piece of wood with your preferences in mind as well as the knowledge of what is best suited for the project.


The Amish faith of traditional values and a strong work ethic assures that your product is made with careful selection and superior quality. In addition, your product will be made in a shop that is free of chemicals unlike furniture that is mass-produced in factories. These mass-produced items also do not hold the durability that Amish furniture exhibits. Amish-made furniture has the ability to be enjoyed by the owner for many years and become a family heirloom that can be passed down from generation to generation.