All About The Amish Buggy

Amish Buggy

The horse-drawn buggy is one of the most iconic symbols of the Amish. They come in many styles and colors, which would reflect the different preferences of that particular community. However even though many think the popular choice was the black buggy, this actually isn’t true.


The Amish have different buggies that are very similar to different types of cars and trucks that the Englishers drive. The market wagon is very similar to a station wagon, which has a rear panel that shifts.


The spring wagon, also known as the cab wagon, is the equivalent of a pickup truck.


The buggies that have gray tops belong to the Amish, and the Old Order Mennonites had buggies that were all black. Other differences within the buggies can be found based on the level of conservatism of the different church district leaders. These differences include things such as windows, windows wipers, batter powered head, tail, and directional lights, and the choice between rubber and steel rim wheels.


There is one facet of modern civilization that has been thrust upon the Amish buggy. After many accidents at night due to the darkness and fast moving cars, the Amish have begun to add reflective tape to the back of the buggies. The less conservative groups will have battery powered lights put on them along with slow-moving vehicle triangles.


Some have not conceded to this implementation because it is too “loud” or fancy.” There was even a case that was taken to the Supreme Court in Harmony, Minnesota over a divided community. They ruled in the favor of those who had resisted their use.

10 Myths about the Amish

Amish Myths
There are many rumors about the Amish that are simply not true! Here is a list of ten for clarification:
The Amish have arranged marriages. Just like all other young adults, the Amish are allowed to go on dates, even if they don’t go to some of the places that others do.
The Amish don’t drink alcohol. This is not entirely true- there are some that do. We may prefer wine to chugging beers, but we do enjoy the occasional drink.
Amish people do not have to pay taxes. This is not true; we pay income tax, personal property tax, among others.
The Amish cannot use electricity. This is not true. While there isn’t the use of technology inside the home, if a man or woman has a job in the secular world then they are allowed to use it.
The Amish wont have anything to do with cars. We wont own a car or drive a car, but we may hire drivers in order to take us to the hospital or doctor.
Amish people do not eat junk food, just what we grow on our farm. This is also not true- we enjoy chips and soda pop just like anyone else.
We have an 8th grade education and are not smart. This is the opposite of true- we do not have sports or extra curricular activities with school so many evenings are spent reading. This includes the newspaper to keep up with current events.
We only use outhouses. While some communities do still use these, there are plenty who have indoor plumbing with toilets.
The Amish cannot travel outside of their community. We cannot travel by plane or cruise ship, but we will hire a driver or buy a bus ticket in order to travel.
We don’t use telephones. This is false. Some Amish have no phones, but some others have a phone booth in their church or community. Some also have cell phones for work related use.

Depending on the area, different people will follow different practices.

Making the Most of Your Dining Room space

dining room
Many people have a dining room in their house, but many times it gets used as a storage room or the place where all the boxes go after you don’t have another room to move them in. Take back your dining room and use some of these clever tips to bring life to the room.
Corner Extra Chairs- Most dining sets have more chairs than there is space for, usually because you table came with a extra leaf for when you decide to have that big thanksgiving dinner. Instead of hiding these chairs in the basement, corner them on an angle to provide functional lively space.
Functional Reading Space- Yes the dining room is for dining, but if you do not utilize this space often use one of the corners with an angled chair and add a lamp for a unique reading space.
Add storage- Many times dining rooms have china cabinets with drawers for extra things like napkins or table cloths. This will give the room more than one function.
Different Furniture- If you do not want your dining room to look like grandmas but you still want storage space, buy an unconventional cabinet that will give you all the space you need, like a old roll top desk or hutch.
Change the Drapes- Sometimes a space can get dark and dreary because of the window treatments. Make time to take a look around and find something that will let in light but will also go nicely in your space. They can really change the look of the room!
Art- Any art will brighten up the space but only certain art will take it to another place. Use art that continues from one wall to the next to make the space feel larger.


Birdhouses and Mailboxes

When you drive down the streets in your neighborhood you see all the plain mailboxes and then you arrive home and you also have a plain mailbox. You don’t want to fit in with the crowd, you want to be a trend setter and have the mailbox everyone else will want. People will want to ask you where you got your mailbox and you will be so proud to be the first and the most epic.
That is exactly how our mailboxes will make you feel. All of our mailboxes are given the care and attention to make them truly one of a kind and special. Our log cabin mailbox may be the perfect amount of rustic charm you want to give your suburban home, and make your yard stand out in a totally new way.


If that is the way our mailboxes will make you feel, imagine what our birdhouses can do for you. They are all special in their own way and we like to believe they are all mini condos for birds. Our Large Dome Copper Topped Birdfeeder is one of our most luxurious.
The birdhouse is made with white vinyl to make it durable in the weather and to hold up to the use of multiple birds. You aren’t buying a birdhouse just because it will look nice in your yard. You are also buying their piece because you want birds to visit it and make your yard the place to be.




Jewelry & Silverware Chests

jewelry chests

Do you have jewelry or silverware at your home that is just laying around on dressers or buried drawers?  If that is the case, a jewelry chest may be the perfect solution for you. The jewelry chests that we have available are absolutely gorgeous and will make a great addition to any room in your home.


It is so important to take care of jewelry and silverware that you own.  It needs to be stored properly and carefully so that it lasts for years and the heirlooms can be passed on for generations to come.  When you are storing jewelry and silverware there are a few rules to abide by for the best and safest storage.


Pearls should be stored separately in a box or bag.  They are very delicate and can scratch very easily.  Gold and silver should not be stored together; this could cause the gold to tarnish.  Gemstones should not be stored near gold; the gemstones can actually scratch the gold.  Gemstones should not be stored with each other because they can also scratch each other.  Diamonds should be stored alone in separate pouches.  Diamonds are so hard that they can scratch each other.  All forms of jewelry and silverware should be stored far away from hairspray, perfumes and cleaning products.


With all of the above in mind, we have great solutions to meet and exceed your jewelry and silverware storage needs.  We offer jewelry chests, armories, dressing tables, silverware chests and more with plenty of storage room.

Wooden Toys for Children

wooden toys

Wooden toys have been around forever, and they will continue to be brought into every home where there are children.  There are several reasons as to why wooden toys continue to be purchased each year and are enjoyed by kids of all ages.

  • Wooden toys are practical, easy to clean and they will last through the roughest of play times.  You cannot compare the durability of a wooden toy to its plastic counterpart, it just wouldn’t be fair.
  • They involve your children.  Children must actually interact with the toy, there are no buttons where once you press it the toy takes over and sings its song or dances around the floor.  With wooden toys you have to pull, turn and move it yourself while you lie on the floor or sit in your seat.
  • They are much less dangerous.  There are so many less parts to be swallowed or cut with or broken off and chewed on.  Leaving you as the parent much more comfortable.
  • They last a lifetime.  We all know how it feels to buy a toy and two weeks later it is destroyed and your child is having a meltdown when you have to throw it away.  You are then forced to run to the store and spend another $19.99 on a replacement.  Wooden toys can last generations, there may need to be a quick tune up or repair but the value in the price is there.
  • There are so many wooden toy choices to choose from.  Some of them include: building blocks, board games, wooden trains, pull-alongs, horses, doll houses, puzzles, farms, towns, people and more.  The list of possibilities is almost endless.

Beautiful Outdoor Amish Furniture

durable amish furniture
Go outside and look at the current outdoor furniture you have, it is probably either metal or wood. If it is metal the paint is most likely peeling on some places and if it is wood it be falling apart after only half a season of use. This is because they aren’t made with love and care; they are made in a factory by John Smith who would rather be playing video games.
When you buy Outdoor Amish Furniture, it is made to last. Our furniture has treated with that is made to withstand the elements and wear and tear. It comes in a variety of stains and materials so you will not have to sacrifice beauty and comfort for durability. All of our wooden pieces are stained and handled with care to make the perfect piece for your outdoor patio. They are heavy enough you will not see them blown over during a small storm. They are also built strong enough that is they were to be knocked over in a heavy storm you would not see damage to the integrity of the furniture.
Also offered is out Poly furniture pieces. These are made from recycled plastic and stainless hardware. Poly pieces are also going to stand the test of time. They will wipe clean easily so placing them outside is not a problem. The material is made for many years of maintenance free use.
If you are creating an outdoor space you want to be proud of it and not embarrassed when your family and friends come by and break your cheap chairs. You want to be the talk of the town with your durable Amish made furniture.

Durable Amish Coffee Tables

Why You Need One


 amish coffee table

Living room spaces are sacred to many people. In many homes, the living room is often the heart of the house, or a very special place, designed for company and special gatherings. This reverence of the living room, is very common in many areas of the United States. And the coffee table, is at the heart of the space.


Making itself, useful in a huge number of ways, the coffee table is used for display, storage, decoration, and many times, as a sturdy place to rest our feet. Because it serves so many purposes, buying a quality one, makes all the difference between having a coffee table that will last and be passed on to the next generation, or one that soon needs to be replaced.


We do live in times, where everyone is seeking a bargain. Many consumers are desiring to save money whenever they can; but with certain items, saving money, actually means spending more now, for something of quality and substance that won’t break a few months after it’s purchased. Coffee tables are one of these items. Buying a cheap one, may only mean that you will end up spending much more money in a very short amount of time. Splurging on a great well-made, beautifully crafted coffee table, will give you decades of use, and years of joy.


Many homeowners like to repurpose good quality coffee tables, when they choose to redo the decor in their living rooms. If you have a coffee table that withstands the test of time, it can be used in family rooms, kids play rooms, even in master bedrooms in a reading nook. A great piece of furniture, outlasts time and style trends. It is also customary to give a great piece of furniture that has been in the family home for many years, to the next generation of homeowners. They make wonderful and sentimental gifts for sons or daughters who are just moving out into their own homes, or getting married.


Spending some time, and a decent amount of money, picking out a good coffee table, will be a decision that you will not regret. Furniture should last a long time, and not be in one season, and out the next. Decorative accents, such as pillows, curtains, and rugs, are perfect for that purpose. But coffee tables should define the everlasting style of a home, providing beauty, design, and a sentimentality to your living space.

summer traditions: a Carriage House family favorite

Happy summer to you and yours=) We’re enjoying the warmth of the season and the beauty of Lancaster County.


Around here, we love summertime with it’s traditions & local goodness- and today we’d like to share a favorite recipe with you!


Here’s the recipe promised in our nifty email newsletter..This dessert can be made anytime, but it’s better with fresh fruit and homemade ice-cream & always worth the wait!

Delicious Berry Peach Cobbler with Sugared Almonds


( recipe credit: Cooking Light July 2009 issue
baking credit: the best chef in town- Becky Lapp  )


18 ounces fresh blueberries
18 ounces fresh blackberries
3 medium peaches, peeled and sliced
Cooking spray
2/3 cup granulated sugar
2 & 1/2 tablespoons cornstarch
3 tablespoons fresh lemon juice
1/8 teaspoon salt


1 cup flour
1/4 cup granulated sugar
2 tablespoons cornstarch
1/2 teaspoon baking powder
1/8 teaspoon salt
6 tablespoons chilled butter, cut into small pieces
1/2 cup half & half


Cherry on top: (Last but not least!)
1/3 cup sliced almonds
3 tablespoons sugar
1 tablespoon egg white


1. Preheat oven to 350 degrees.
2. Prepare filling by combining the berries and peaches in a 13×9 baking dish coated with cooking spray. Sprinkle the fruit with 2/3 cup sugar, 2 & 1/2 tablespoons cornstarch, lemon juice and salt.
3. Prepare topping by combining flour, sugar, cornstarch, baking powder, and salt. Stir well and add butter pieces. Continue to stir and add the half & half, gently kneed dough until moistened. Drop the topping mixture by spoonfuls evenly over the fruit filling.
4. Combine almonds, sugar and egg white & sprinkle over the topping.
5. Bake at 350 for 50 minutes & let stand another 10 minutes before serving with ice-cream.
6. Enjoy!! =)
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Which Amish Furniture is Right for The Living Room?


The living room has traditionally been the largest room in the house, the place where people entertained, watched television and spent time with family. But with the advent of “Great Rooms” and “family rooms”, the living room has become something other than it was, though, in many households, it is still used for more formal occasions.


Once called the “drawing room” because it was the place to which dinner guests withdrew to talk, have brandy, and for the men, to smoke, the living room has served many purposes. Later it was called the parlor, and it was where tea was served and also where wakes were held. (hence the phrase “funeral parlor”). Then it was called the sitting room, for somewhat obvious reasons, but it was still a more formal place, though friends and family did gather there. In some areas of the UK it is still referred to as the sitting room, especially in older houses.


The term “living room” referred to something a bit more informal, but it remained the place where guests gathered to talk, be entertained, drink, and socialize. Families often kept their TV’s in the living room and that was where they came together to spend quality time.


Nowadays, family rooms and great rooms have usurped the living room’s primary functions, being the places where people gather, where entertainment systems are, and where most of a family’s “living time” is spent. So what has happened to the living room? Well, as even formal rooms are less formal than they used to be, living rooms are being turned into large breakfast nooks and home offices, often serving more than one function. A large living room can be partitioned off into more than one room and many different activities can be done.


The living room has served its purpose well. But its day as the place to hang out is over. Many newer homes don’t even have anything equivalent to a formal living room. But the living room will never completely disappear from the American landscape. In some homes it will always the be the place where the family lives.

Organizing Your Dresser For Fun and Solace


Our dressers tend to become catch-alls for a variety of things besides clothes, and it can run you ragged when you’re trying to find your favorite pair of earrings or that “other” sock. Give yourself a break and try organizing your dresser so that things are easy to find and you don’t have to go on a drawer hunt when trying to find something. Here are a few tips.




Organization need not be an overwhelming task. All you need to do is think about what you use most often. Clear things off the top of your dresser. Keep only those items you use everyday on top – things like cologne and night creams. Where jewelry is concerned don’t throw your bracelet on top of your dresser anymore. Why not get either some kind of mesh board or a fabric covered bulletin board, and poke your favorite earrings through it. It is a pretty display as well an efficient way to keep jewelry. For necklaces and chains, think about draping them on some figurines or hanging them on a decorative hook. There is a wealth of ring holders to be found in gift shops, and these can go right on top of your dresser, and the same for bracelets. You will find that de-cluttering your dresser top will give you room for a nice vase of flowers. For other dresser top clutter, get yourself a lucite grid holder and store sunglasses, nail polish, and other items in it and put it in a top drawer


Go through your drawers


Sort things. You will want to put the same items in one place. Once again, mesh can come in handy for partitioning off drawers, or you can use extendable plastic dividers. If you want to organize things by color or style, do it. And, as above, keep things that you use everyday most handy. If you workout, keep your workout gear in one drawer, so you can just grab it and go. If your partner wears ties everyday, place them singly, and nicely folded, along a shallow drawer floor, without putting one on top of another. Then you can find them easily. Place items that might be hard to see or find, like hose and camisoles, in separate compartments. For bras, get a rectangular box for the drawer. That will keep them neat and accessible.


When to fold; when to roll


When placing things into compartments and drawers it is good to know which items you should fold and which you can roll. The rule of thumb is things made of synthetic fibers won’t wrinkle so they can be rolled. But be sure to fold cotton tanks and tops.


Organizing a dresser need not be a stressful project. Just get your priorities in order, knowing what things you use most often, and making them the easiest things to find. And when you are done, you will feel good about yourself with all your stuff in its place. Keeping things neat and tidy in your dresser goes a long way towards being neat and tidy in other areas of your life.


Go For the King Sized Bed: You Deserve It!

 Amish Furniture

Many of us remember our old college days, or days past when times were tough and we lived with the least, and could never splurge on what we really wanted. We recall those times of the futons and twin sized dorm room beds. For many, it was all we could afford at the time, and so we made do. But now that we are all grown-up, we deserve to give ourselves the best; and a King sized bed is the best we can have in our bedrooms. King sized beds offer the best in comfort and luxury, combined with a fabulous night’s sleep.


Just “making do”, is not an option anymore, when it comes to choosing quality well-made furniture for our bedrooms. The bedroom is a sanctuary that provides us with a peaceful place in the home to restore our tired minds and bodies. Sleeping in a small, uncomfortable bed cannot give us the room and space we need to get proper rest and relaxation after a long day at work, school, or with the kids. Plus, King sized beds make room for us and the entire family to enjoy on a quiet Sunday morning together. The whole family, including pets, have been known to gather on a King sized bed, for play, rest, and ultimate comfort.


Numerous studies have shown that getting the proper amount of quality rest and sleep is vital to having a happy and productive day. So if any sacrifice should be made regarding the furniture in the home, the bed should not be it. A great night’s sleep is highly important to our general well-being, health, and overall happiness. Though a King sized bed may seem like a luxury to some, when it comes to being the best we can be, splurging on a truly restorative night’s rest is a necessity.


Once you move into the level of comfort that a King sized bed will offer, it will be impossible to go back to any other size. The amount of space in which to stretch out and relax, is incomparable. Choosing to spend your money wisely, is a very adult thing to do. Years ago, it may have been clothing, shoes, or jewelry; but as we “grow up”, we begin to shift our priorities. And if one is going to splurge on anything, home furnishings rise to the top if that list.


The purchase of a  King sized bed turns your bedroom into an oasis of tranquility that will call your name every night, to come, relax, and enjoy the greatest night’s sleep ever. It is a purchase you will never regret and will thank yourself for, many times in the coming years.