3 Unique Amish-Made Children’s Toys & Furniture

In today’s world, the amount of children’s toys and furniture to choose from seems nearly endless. Although there is such a variety of options to choose from, that doesn’t mean they are all made of the same quality. Many toys today are mass produced and made from lower quality materials that aren’t made to last.

If you prefer toys and children’s furniture that are hand-crafted and made from high-quality wood, we suggest going with Amish-made products.

Your children will be sure to love these unique pieces and they are designed to last for many years, often being handed down as family heir looms.

Toy chest with stuffed animals

Hand-crafted toy chest

If you have young children and are looking for a toy chest to house all their playthings, consider getting a hand-made, Amish toy chest.

These chests are made from quality wood and come in a variety of styles and colors to match your child’s room. Many of these Amish-made toy chests are made from Baltic birch ply, which is a durable material that will last for generations

Child’s table & chairs

Whether used in bedrooms for play, your little one’s tea parties, at family functions or anything in between, these tables and chairs are a beautiful option that your children will love.

These Amish-made pieces are made from the very best materials, including maple wood, and are hand painted for a beautiful appearance.

Folding dollhouse

When you’re looking for a dollhouse for your little one, we suggest that you check out the Amish-made houses available. When compared to mass produced dollhouses, your choice will become clear.

These hand-crafted and unique dollhouses are made from some of the highest quality wood materials that include a harvest pine finish.

Make sure to look for a dollhouse that includes mini furniture as well for hours of entertainment for your family.

Should you be interested in purchasing these, or any other Amish-made toys and furniture, we ask that you think of our team at Carriage House Furnishings.

We have been offering quality, hand-crafted furniture and other unique pieces for over 25 years and will be thrilled to have you at our Lancaster, PA showroom today to see all that we have to offer. Feel free to give us a call at 717-768-8712 as well should you have any questions.

Why Amish Rocking Chairs are the Preferred Option

Hand-Made Rocking ChairIf you’re considering purchasing a rocking chair for your front porch, family room or other space, it’s important to get a chair made with quality craftsmanship and the finest materials to ensure it lasts for years to come.

One of the easiest ways to guarantee you’re getting a quality rocking chair is by buying from an Amish builder. Amish-built rocking chairs are of the highest quality on the market, durable and a great long-term investment.

Though you may be tempted to purchase a rocking chair from a department store because of the price, it won’t match the beautiful, hand-crafted look you get with an Amish chair. When you want to add a quality, 100% natural rocking chair to your home, the choice is simple.

Attention to detail, unique designs

Amish-made furniture is known for its intricate detail and hand-crafted beauty. Many rocking chair collectors will only buy from Amish companies, as they know the unique designs and attention given to the smallest of details is unmatched.

The art of furniture making is passed down from generation to generation in the Amish community and they take great pride in never having two chairs look the same.

Made from all-natural materials

Amish-produced rocking chairs are made from real wood and never use the synthetic products that are found in mass-produced chairs. Many rocking chairs available at department stores are made with particle board which has been shown to be far less durable than natural wood.

Amish furniture companies hand pick the wood they choose for their chairs and never use chemicals, ensuring you are getting something that not only looks great, but something that is completely safe to have in your home.

It’s a great long-term investment

As mentioned above, Amish-built furniture is made by hand from the very best materials on the market. This means that the furniture will last for years and often becomes a family heirloom.

Many people believe that Amish-built rocking chairs are more expensive, but they are often as affordable as something you’d find at a big-box store. Even if it is a few more dollars, you’re getting a piece that will last, making it a smart investment.

When you’re interested in purchasing a Amish-made rocking chair for your home and want something made with the very best craftsmanship, we ask that you think of us at Carriage House Furnishings.

We proudly serve those throughout Lancaster, PA and promise that you won’t find finely crafted pieces like ours anywhere else. For a hand-made rocking chair that you can enjoy for decades to come, we ask that you call us today at 717-768-8712.

4 Tips for First Time Amish Furniture Buyers

Happy Couple Furnishing Their HomeIf you’re looking to fill your room with new furniture, Amish-made furniture is a great investment. You can get several benefits from purchasing Amish-made furniture, including high quality furniture, unmatched craftsmanship, and years of enjoyment! Another great thing about going in this direction to purchase furniture is that you can fill your home with long-lasting furniture that will end up saving you money in the long run. 

Sometimes, first-time furniture buyers can be overwhelmed with the process of purchasing any furniture piece. With plenty of available retailers to buy furniture, you might not know where to start. Before you begin to stress, allow us to help! 

Here are some of our best tips for selecting the best Amish furniture pieces that will complement your home: 

Decide on Your Theme

Before you start your next furniture buying adventure, make sure that you have developed a well-thought-out plan of how you want to decorate your home. Deciding on your theme before you start shopping will help you avoid wasting money on furniture that you don’t need, or it’ll save you a trip from returning it to where it came from. 

Pick Out Your Wood

The best part about Amish-made furniture is that you can often find unique furniture pieces that come in various finishes. Scope out your house and choose the right wood that will match your home while sticking to your decor theme. Some popular hardwood furniture includes oak, cherry, and maple. 

Measure Your Space Before Ordering Your Furniture

Before you start shopping for the perfect piece, measure the area that you’re looking to furnish. Measuring beforehand will help you avoid buying anything oversized, especially if you’re limited on space. Don’t forget to bring documentation of your measurements with you, so you can leave with a piece that will fit your space perfectly. 

Come Prepared with Questions

If you don’t know what you’re looking for, don’t hesitate to come with a list of questions for your Amish furniture supplier. From indoor pieces to outdoor patio furniture, they will be happy to answer any questions that you may have. 

If you’re a first-time Amish furniture buyer, visit Carriage House Furniture to pick out your next piece! Shop our online showroom or visit our showroom located in Lancaster, PA. 

If you have any questions before you get started, please contact us today! 

What Does Your Outdoor Patio Need to Feel Complete

Summertime is right around the corner! Which means it’s time to pull out our patio furniture and prepare for spending more time outdoors. When you’re decorating your patio, you should fill it with furniture that brings comfort and function.

If you plan on spending a lot of your time outdoors this spring and summer, make sure you have these items for your outdoor patio: 

Make a List of the Patio Furniture You Will Need

Before you blindly begin purchasing furniture for your patio, give some thought about how you would like your outdoor space to function. Do you plan on having guests over for bonfires throughout the summer? Or do you enjoy having family dinners outside on warmer nights? Make a list of activities you would like to do in the space, and that should make a great guide to help you decide on the type of furniture you need. 

Choosing the Right Furniture for Your Needs

Depending on the size of your backyard, you have a few options on how you’d like to move forward with your patio furniture setup.

If you have a large backyard, you may want to set up different zones for your patio furniture. For example, one zone can be for dining, and another can be for relaxing. The possibilities are endless for patio furniture, but you’re likely going to want to add at least a table and some chairs for your guests to relax! 

Add a Patio Umbrella

If your backyard could use some shade, consider adding a patio umbrella for a quick fix. Freestanding patio umbrellas can bring you shade throughout your backyard wherever you may need it! 

Add Some Outdoor Speakers to Your Yard

If you plan on spending a lot of time on your patio, it’s worth adding a portable wireless speaker. Music helps create an ambiance to your backyard, making sitting back and relaxing that much more enjoyable. Plus, it’s great for when you’re hosting events! 

Invest in Long Lasting Patio Furniture 

Don’t settle for plastic outdoor furniture for your patio. Instead, invest in some solid wood furniture that will last you through years of wear and tear. At Carriage House Furnishings, our outdoor furniture is made of solid wood and built to last. From patio staples like our Poly Fan Back Chair to our Poly Curved Back Glider, we have many great outdoor furniture options for you to explore. 

Shop our online showroom today! 

Furniture Pieces Worth Investing in When You’re Buying a New Home

Wooden Furniture for HomeBuying your first home can be intimidating, especially when you don’t have the furniture you need to help decorate your space. Although it may be tempting to run out and purchase all new furniture, it’s not always the best decision to make during a time where you’re already investing a lot of money. Before you shop, stop and think about whether the furniture you’re buying is worth the investment. Is it going to last you through years of enjoyment?

Here are a few examples of pieces that are worth spending the extra money on:

Dining Tables

Your dining table is one of the most important features of your home. It’s a place for your friends and family to gather around, share meals, and make lifelong memories. Whether you plan on hosting the holidays, or you’d just like a nice place to sit down and enjoy dinners with your family, you’ll want to invest in a table that will last you for years of enjoyment.

As you’re shopping for a dining table, look for ones that are durable and will stand up to everyday use, like a solid wood dining table!

A Large Hutch or Chest

You can never go wrong with adding more storage to your home. One of the best ways to store some of your everyday items, like extra blankets or tablecloths, is with a hutch or chest. When you invest in a hutch or chest, you can use it in nearly any room in your house. It’s a universal piece that is perfect for every home.

Outdoor Furniture

Regardless of the quality, outdoor furniture can be expensive. If you enjoy spending time outdoors, then it’s worth investing in reliable outdoor furniture that can survive through the rain, wind, and sun.

Unique Furniture Pieces

Odds are, if you find a unique furniture piece, it’s worth the investment. Your house should represent you, and a unique furniture piece can help add character.

Are you ready to start shopping for new furniture? Shop our showroom at Carriage House Furnishing! We sell solid wood, Amish-made furniture that will last you a lifetime.

Contact us today if you have any questions regarding our products!

How Can You Declutter Your Toy Room?


In a home full of children, it’s common for your toy room to get cluttered. However, sometimes it can get a little overwhelming, and at times, you may even have trouble finding your floor.  After the holidays, it’s the perfect time for families to declutter and organize their toy room. 


Here are a few ways that you can successfully declutter your toy room:Storage for Kids Toys


Donate or Store Old Toys

One of the first steps to create a clean and organized room is to sit down with your child and select toys that they no longer play with. Together you can decide whether you want to donate them or store them away for future use. 


Organize Your Playroom

Does your playroom have the storage it needs to help keep it clean and organized? Try evaluating the layout of your playroom and divide it into about three or four zones. For example, you can have one area for books, another for dolls, and a crafts zone.


Each zone should then have some way to store each of the items. So, your book area should have a bookshelf to store books and other items kept in that area. You may also add a dollhouse to help store some of your child’s dolls and accessories in that area. Lastly, adding a toy chest would be a great way to store your child’s crafts!


Label Bins to Help Promote Organization

One of the most important ways to help your toy room stay clean is by making sure that your child understands where their toys go after they’re done playing for the day. Whether you dedicate zones for them to play in, label your bins, or cut out pictures of each toy and tape them to their appropriate basket, your child needs to be able to identify these areas. Once everything is properly laid out, your child will be able to help keep the playroom clean, organized, and free from clutter.


Dedicate Times to Clean the Playroom

If you want to keep your playroom decluttered throughout the year, you’re going to want to stay on top of cleaning it. Schedule times to clean the room together, so you can help teach your child how to put everything back in its appropriate places.


Adding More Storage to Your Playroom

At Carriage House Furnishings, we have Amish-made furniture for sale that will make a great addition to your playroom. Shop our showroom of solid wood furniture today and contact us online with any questions!  

4 Benefits of Having a Great Kitchen Island

With the new year quickly approaching, it’s often a common time to redecorate your home. If you’re looking to remodel your house, start with the kitchen!

Remember, your kitchen should offer great storage and functionality. One part of your kitchen that you should focus on is your island! 

There are several reasons to add an island to your kitchen. Here are some of our favorite reasons: Lahoma Island with sliding barn doors

Islands Offer Additional Storage Space 

If you’re adding a new island to your kitchen, make sure it’s one that offers plenty of storage. Some kitchen islands have storage with additional cabinets or shelving, which is great for busy kitchens or ones that lack storage. 

Kitchen Islands are Great for Kids

An island will allow your kids to help in the kitchen. The island’s height helps kids feel apart of the action, and it’s a sturdy spot to work! Children also enjoy gathering around the island to complete their homework or enjoy a nice afternoon snack. 

A Separate Work Station

One of the best parts about adding a new island to your kitchen is that it offers more room to prepare meals. If you typically have a busier kitchen, having an island will give you extra room to work while there are multiple people in your kitchen. To make things easier, you can store your baking sheets, measuring tools, and cutting utensils in your island so that everything is in one convenient place! 

A Focal Point of Your Kitchen

Not only is your island practical, but it also helps complete the look of your kitchen. When your guests enter your home, your kitchen island will be one of the main focal points. If your island weren’t there, your guests would be looking at your plain cabinetry. 

Since your kitchen island is a focal point, make sure you’re investing in a timeless piece. 

Purchase a New Island for Your Kitchen

Are you looking for a new kitchen island? At Carriage House Furnishings, we offer beautiful, handcrafted, solid-wood furniture that will meet your household needs. 

Browse our online selection of kitchen islands, and contact us today with any of your questions! 

Give the Gift of Amish Furniture This Holiday Season

Are you looking to give a unique gift this holiday season? Why not give a gift that will last a lifetime of comfort! Amish furniture and home accessories make some of the best gifts for your friends and family. They are a durable, timeless, and unique pieces to add to any home. 

Whether you’re thinking of asking for a piece yourself, or you’re looking to give the gift of Amish furniture this holiday season, here are some of our best suggestions: 

Wooden Rocking Horse for Children

If you’re shopping for a child or a parent-to-be, a solid oak rocking chair will look great in a playroom, child’s bedroom, or the living room. Any child will love using their imagination while rocking back and forth on their new toy. Bespoken Nostalgia for the Holiday Season

At Carriage House Furnishing, we have a large selection of Amish wooden toys that your child will love to play with. Not only will these toys last you through years of everyday wear and tear, but they may also become an heirloom for your child to pass on! 

A Gift for Those Who Love the Outdoors

If you have someone in your life that loves spending time outdoors, our outdoor Amish furniture makes the perfect gift. From rocking chairs to bistro sets, there are plenty of outdoor furniture options to choose from. Your loved ones will be impressed with our outdoor furniture quality and it will be a gift that they can use all year long. 

Giving a Gift to Your Organized Friend 

Everyone enjoys being organized. That’s why you can never go wrong with giving a gift that will help them keep their homes organized. Whether it’s a wooden jewelry holder or a wooden storage chest, they’ll be sure to enjoy this useful gift. 

A Gift for the Book Lovers in Your Life 

Do you have someone in your life who usually has their nose buried in a book? What better gift to give them than the gift of a solid wood bookcase! A nice bookcase offers great storage to keep their books and hold other trinkets. Our Amish solid-wood bookcases will blend seamlessly in any room in the house. Solid Wood Bookshelf

Give the Gift of Amish Furniture This Holiday Season

At Carriage House Furnishing, we have durable solid-wood Amish furniture and other decors that will make the perfect gift! Shop our online showroom to get more gift inspiration, and give us a call at 717-768-8712 with any questions! 

4 Simple Ways to Update Your Home Without Renovating

As the seasons change, you might be tempted to start making changes to your home. And although a complete renovation may sound tempting, it’s not always convenient. Home renovations can be messy, expensive, and very time-consuming.

So, to avoid all of the chaos, we wanted to provide you with a few simple ways you can change up your home without needing a full renovation!

Here are some of our favorite ideas:

Adding New Cabinetry to Your Rooms

A simple way to change the look of your kitchen or bathroom is to paint your cabinets and switch out your hardware. You’ll be amazed at how much different your room looks by changing the smaller, outdated features. Not only is this easy, but it’s also very affordable, and something that you can do yourself!

If you’re looking to add more cabinetry, you should consider adding a large corner cabinet or a pie safe for some extra storage.

Decorate Open Shelving Pieces

If you have a blank wall, or you’re trying to fill up extra space, add an open shelving unit to your room. For example, a large open bookcase would pair well against a blank wall. You can then decorate by adding books, candles, or photos to make it stand out for when your guests enter the room! Open shelving is a great way to show off some of your more elegant and unique possessions too.

Create an Outdoor Room

The fall is the perfect season to spend some extra time outdoors before the winter comes. Even if you don’t have a large front porch or backyard patio, you can still find space to create your outdoor sanctuary. You just need to be inventive!

Create a cozy and relaxing space by adding an outdoor rug, table, and sturdy outdoor furniture. You can then add a couple of throw cushions, pillows, a fire pit, and outdoor decorations to make the spot your own.

Invest in Durable Furniture

At Carriage House Furnishing, we have durable, handcrafted Amish furniture that will add value to your home without the need of a renovation. Don’t forget to browse our online furniture and start shopping for your new piece today!

Adding a Rustic Chic Charm to Your Living Area

You spend a lot of time in your living room. Whether you’re gathered around the television waiting for the game to start, or you’re taking some time to unwind and relax. Your space should always be enjoyable for you. One of the more popular household decor trends is decorating your home with rustic charm. 

Here are a few ways that you can add a rustic-chic charm to your living room to make it feel warm and cozy: Rustic Furniture

Add Rustic Wood Home Decor 

Most rustic home decor often shows a little wear and tear. Decor pieces may look like they’re fading and have imperfections, which adds more uniqueness to your room. Experiment with different designs, shapes, sizes, and wood finishes to add eye-catching pieces into your living room. Shop online for rustic chic wall decor to find your perfect piece! 

Choose Quality Over Quantity in Furniture

When decorating, sometimes less is more! You don’t want to clutter your room with pieces that you aren’t going to use. When shopping for furniture, look for sturdy, solid wood, furniture to add to your space. Handmade Amish furniture will last you a lifetime and will tie your entire room together. Plus, their neutral wood finishing will blend seamlessly into any color scheme that you have created for your room. 

Add a Dark Wood Coffee Table 

Enjoy your favorite cup of coffee while watching your favorite morning show around a dark wood coffee table. The dark food finish will add a cozy feel to your living area and will be the perfect piece to add to your room of rustic decor. You can even decorate your coffee table by adding decorative books for your guests to enjoy, or get creative using unique vases. 

Decorative Wood Accent Furniture 

Farmhouses are known for having unique wood furniture displayed all around their home. One way to make a statement in your living area is to add a wooden corner cabinet or a hutch to store decorative pieces and blankets. Use decorative, vintage glassware to decorate your cabinets, or accessorize the area around them. They are also useful to help store extra blankets and extra throw pillows. 

Complete Your Room With Amish-Made Furniture 

No rustic chic living room is complete without a handmade piece of Amish-made furniture. At Carriage House Furnishing, we have durable furniture that will great in any room in your home. Shop our online showroom, or give us a call at 717-768-8712.


How to Protect Your Wood Furniture From the Summer Heat

The sun’s powerful rays can impact even the highest quality of material. The summer, is the most important time to look into how you should be protecting your wooden furniture to make sure that it stays looking as good as new for years to come.

Here are a few ways that you can prolong the life of your indoor and outdoor wood furniture:Protecting Wooden Furniture

Utilize Your Blinds and Shades 

The best way to help maintain your furniture’s original condition is to block out the sun altogether! If you’re worried about your inside furniture dulling, make sure that you are covering your windows with the proper blinds and shades to protect your furniture from the sun, even at its strongest hours.

Rearrange the Furniture in Your Home 

Most homes will have a few rooms that draw a lot more sunlight than other places. If you have furniture displayed in a room that receives a lot of direct sunlight, try rearranging the furniture. Dark-stained wood tends to show signs of sun damage faster than lighter pieces, so be sure to keep this in mind before you start moving pieces.

Also, keep this in mind for your outdoor furniture too!

Cover Your Furniture Up

If you have valuable outdoor furniture that you want to make last, invest in furniture covers of various sizes to help protect your outdoor wooden tables and chairs. Most covers are usually made of polyester, vinyl, or canvas and will help protect your furniture from water, UV’s from the sun, and other outdoor creatures. It’s always best to choose a cover that offers complete coverage from wind, sun, and rain.

Think About a Sealant 

The summer weather can be unpredictable at times, so it’s always best to take precautionary measures to keep your outdoor wooden furniture protected. Applying a water sealant to your furniture will help maintain the look of wood and give your furniture protection against the rain and other moistures. If you’re not sure what sealant to use on your wooden furniture, you can always ask a professional.

If you’re looking for a quality selection of unique wooden furniture pieces, Carriage House Furnishings has what you need! We carry a wide variety of indoor and outdoor wooden Amish furniture for every home. Visit our showroom or browse our online selection today!


How to Make the Most of Your Nightstand

Although nightstands take up very little space in your room, a narrow bedside table can significantly improve your bedroom’s organization and functionality. Some nightstands have larger surfaces to hold items such as a lamp, an alarm clock, and your phone. While other nightstands serve as a decorative addition to your room.

If you want to learn how to make the most out of your nightstand, try following a few of these organization tips!Tips for Redecorating Your Bedroom

Eliminate Items You’re No Longer Using

Your nightstand can become a magnet for unnecessary items. Nightstands have limited space, so it’s important to remove things like old books and papers that no longer serve a purpose being near your bed. By eliminating these unnecessary items, you now have room for your bedtime essentials.

Organize Your Nightstand Shelves

Having a nightstand with built-in shelving for extra storage, having a shelf instead of a drawer gives you a little more room for creativity when organizing. Try adding a decorative storage container on your shelf to tuck away larger items like electronics or tissue boxes.

Only Store Your Essentials in Your Drawers

Any items you keep beside your bed should serve a purpose. Include anything you might need before going to bed or while waking up in the morning. Some things you may include are phone chargers, a flashlight, or maybe your current read.

Decorate by Hanging Art or a Mirror

Now that you’ve organized your nightstand, it’s time to decorate it. One unique way to save space on the top of your nightstand is by hanging a piece of art above it. Instead of hanging the pieces above your bed, this look is unique, different, and eye-catching. 

Add Small Trinkets to the Top

Adding small trinkets to the top of your nightstand is another excellent way to style your bedroom. Although they may be small, these items can transform your nightstand and make it feel complete. Try adding useful things like a small decorative bowl to store your watch or jewelry at the end of the day!

The right nightstand can bring your room together. Instead of the area around your bed looking plain and simple, accessorize your nightstands with the essentials to make your space feel complete. At Carriage House Furnishings, we have a diverse selection of hand-crafted bedroom furniture that will be the perfect addition to any bedroom. Browse our online collection or in-store to find your one-of-a-kind, eye-catching pieces today!