Importance of Hands On Play for Children

Importance of Hands-On Play for ChildrenIf you’ve ever sat and watched a young child play for a few minutes, then you know that kids love to touch everything when they are playing. From building blocks to puzzles to other toys, kids will spend hours walking around the house and touching everything in sight. And there’s a very good reason for it! Outside of the fact that kids are just naturally curious about things, touch is what helps introduce them to all of the different shapes and sizes in the world.

Hands on play is what often shows children how certain things work, and it also teaches them to share and work out conflicts with others.

In 2017, there are many parents who try to teach their kids about the world surrounding them through the use of different electronics, but the truth is that those electronics will never be able to teach them like hands-on play will. There is something to be said for handing a child a block or a ball and allowing them to experience it for themselves. They can sit and watch someone else play with these items all day long, but until they put their hands on them and touch for themselves, they won’t truly understand what those items are all about. Hands-on play is responsible for developing spatial learning in children and for helping children learn certain words and actions.

Do you have an active child who enjoys playing around the house? Your natural instincts might be to tell them to stop, but you really should be allowing them to play as often as they can. Encouraging them will strengthen the communication between you and your child, and it will also enrich them with a sense of independence. You will be blown away by how much they are able to learn just by touching different things, and as long as you make sure your home is safe for them, you won’t have to worry about them getting into any real trouble.

You can keep your home safe by investing in durable furniture in addition to children’s toys and furniture. Carriage House Furnishings can help you obtain both of these things by providing you with a wide range of furniture options. Check out what we have in stock and call us at 717-768-8712 today to order new furniture for your home.

Decorating for Fall with Natural Woods

Jack Daniel's Barrel | Amish Furniture Can you believe it? Fall is in the air! If you’re looking for a few tips on adding some fall-themed décor to your home this season without breaking out the pumpkins and the cornucopias quite yet, read on to learn about how to decorate for fall using natural woods.

Wood-Scented Candles

Midwest Living says that spreading some candles around your home is a surefire way to cozy things up in time for fall. If you head to your local home goods store, pick out a few wood-wicked candles. These unique scents will fill your home with a delightful woodland smell.

Rustic Accents

Natural wood gives your home a cozy, rustic feeling: add some seasonal flair to your refrigerator with magnets made from branches you find in your backyard. Simply saw the branches into one-inch thick pieces, and affix a magnet to the back with wood glue or a hot glue gun. You can paint or stamp a design onto the front. Add them to the fridge, and the kitchen will be ready for fall.

The same method can be used to make coasters, wine glass name tags, napkin holders, serving trays, and more.


Focus on your table’s centerpiece, and add in a bit of wood. Natural wood boxes can be used to hold flowers and garland, which make the perfect festive centerpiece. You can create serving trays that can be added to your table for a bit of rustic flair.


If you have a mantle over your fireplace, use wooden accents to dress it up for the season. Think candle holders, picture frames, or pumpkin-shaped accents.

If you’d like to add a mantle-piece to your fire place, consider using reclaimed wood: a skilled wood worker can shape and sand a reclaimed wood log into the most beautiful, rustic and fall appropriate mantle you ever did see! But don’t worry, it’ll look great during the other seasons of the year, too.

Liquor Barrels

Another unique way to add some natural wood accents to your home is by using liquor barrels, like the ones available from Carriage House Furnishings.

Liquor barrels can be used as a buffet table for an outdoor, end of the season barbeque; or, add a glass slat to the top for a unique bar area in your basement. Add them to your front porch as a seasonal decoration, or place a few in the living room corners for some seasonal glow.

For more tips and design ideas to get you in the fall spirit, click here to view Carriage House Furnishing’s blog.


Invest in Outdoor Furniture for Your Health

Invest in Outdoor Furniture for Your HealthAnother great summer season is coming to a close but that doesn’t mean that you need to stop dining outdoors just yet. The fall brings crisp weather, perfect for enjoying a cup of coffee outside in the warm morning sunshine.

Spending time outdoors can be beneficial for your health; consider purchasing outdoor furniture and set up a cozy space to sit outside.

If you felt uninspired to sit outside this summer, it’s time to think about investing in some outdoor furniture. Not only will you thank yourself when you’re settling in for a bonfire in the backyard on a comfortable chair, but having good outdoor furniture can actually benefit your health.

On average, Americans spend about 93 percent of their lives indoors among their home, office, and car. As it turns out, spending more time in the great outdoors, even when the weather begins to cool off, can be extremely good for your health. Pollutants tend to collect indoors, which means when you take a breath of fresh air outside, you truly are breathing in fresh air compared to what typically is found inside of homes and offices.

Spending time outside can boost your mood, increase your creativity, and give you better self-esteem. Vitamin D, which we absorb through our skin from the sun, is important for fighting infections, and it’s estimated that most of Americans are not getting enough of it.

Spending time outside can also help us feel more relaxed, which many people struggle with. It’s been shown that spending time in nature decreases the amount of cortisol, a stress hormone found in the body.

Consider purchasing outdoor furniture to investing in your health and brighten up your outdoor space. Carriage House Furnishings has a variety of outdoor furniture available from chairs to bistro tables.

Benefits of A Children’s Bookshelf

Benefits of A Children’s Bookshelf It is no secret that reading is beneficial for children, but with technology constantly at our fingertips, getting our children to read can be a battle.

If you’re trying to encourage your children to read more often, consider placing a personal bookshelf in their room.

Why Children Should Read

Not only does reading help children develop a stronger vocabulary skillset, but it also helps them be better communicators. Reading improves fluidity of comprehension. It’s all about practice, practice, practice!

Reading helps kids make sense of the world around them. They learn how to process feelings, observe human behavior, and eventually in more advanced texts, analyze human truths. The fundamentals may be cemented in reality, but by picking up a book kids can travel to celestial spheres or vacation on the moon. Reading sparks imagination!

Reading leads to better writing prowess. Think about it: every class in school involves some degree of writing. If not a story, then an essay, which they will be writing a lot of once they approach college age. The more a child reads, the better a writer they become. This will help them stick to deadlines for school projects.

When Children Should Start Reading

Many children learn reading by the age of six, but research studies prove that children can actually start comprehending what they read by the age of two. Truth be told, there’s no “right” age for your child to start learning, but the sooner they learn to read, the more knowledge they are going to soak up. Drench their minds in the fundamentals now so that they are set up for a trajectory of success!

What Children Should Read

Anything and everything! You’ve put the shelf in their room, now stuff it with novels, picture books, and anything you can get your hands on. Scholastic has created lists for you to choose from based upon a 2-13 year-old age group. They have a great selection which includes baby’s first books, animal books, fantasy, and science and nature themes.

As parents we always want what’s best for our children. Encouraging them to read is one way to keep them on a noble path. Gift your little one a locally-crafted bookshelf from Carriage House Furnishings.

Importance of Properly Storing Jewelry

Jewelry Storage TipsFor many people, jewelry is a precious keepsake for many reasons. Jewelry does hold monetary value, but more importantly, it often represents specific memories and relationships.

If you want to make sure that your jewelry lasts, you need to make sure that you are storing it safely and properly.

Carriage House Furnishings has a few tips on how to properly store your jewelry, so the memories and the sparkles will last a lifetime.

It is important to keep your jewelry in a place that is clean and dry, such as a jewelry box that’s lined with fabric. If your jewelry came with a pouch when you first purchased it, it’s important to continue to store the piece of jewelry in that pouch. Jewelers often will sell jewelry with a pouch made from a specific type of fabric, designed specifically to keep the piece safe from tarnish.

Gold is malleable and can be damaged and scratched from other gemstones metals. To keep your gold jewelry safe, store it separately from your silver or platinum pieces, and keep them in the bags that they were likely purchased with.

Silver should be stored in tarnish-proof cases, away from air exposure. Extended exposure to air and moisture can cause even well-made silver pieces to tarnish.

To prevent the loss or misplacement of your pieces, it’s important to keep to a routine, and store them in the same place on a daily basis. Jewelry boxes make storing your jewelry easy: not only does the box protect the pieces from tarnish, but it’ll keep them safe in your home, if you always put your pieces back in the same place, you’ll always know where they are the next day.

Interested in purchasing top quality jewelry boxes available at Carriage House Furnishings? Call us today at 717-768-8712.

Benefits of Summer Birdhouses

Amish BirdhousesHaving an outdoor space where you can enjoy a cup of coffee in the morning is important. Sitting outside and being surrounded by nature can be good for the soul, and we are all about creating a yard space that you can enjoy.

If you’d like to enjoy your outdoor space with some friends, consider adding a birdhouse into your yard which comes with a variety of benefits.

Adding a birdhouse into your yard can do a lot more than attract beautiful, singing birds for you to glance at. There are tons of benefits, both for you and your neighbors, which come with hanging up birdhouses. Many birds eat insects so having birds active in your backyard can help to eliminate unwanted pests in the garden. If your birdhouse attracts enough birds, you might avoid using harmful chemical pesticides

Birds can also help contribute to weed control: birds love to eat weed seeds, especially finches, towhees, and sparrows. If you have birds that get comfortable hanging out at the birdhouse provided, they can actually help you landscape the space and keep it weed-free.

Birdhouses are also great for promoting native plants and flowers to grow in your neighborhood. With bee populations declining throughout the country, your garden and your neighborhood likely need all the help they can get. Hang birdhouses to encourage birds to visit your yard to help keep the area pollinated.

Hanging birdhouses in your backyard can provide an oasis for local and migrating birds, and other species. If you add a few birdhouses to your yard this summer, you’ll even be helping to promote wildlife conservation.

In addition to all of this, bird watching can be a relaxing, joyous hobby to develop.

Feeling inspired? View the birdhouses we offer here at Carriage House Furnishings.

Why You Should Choose Wooden Toys

Why You Should Choose Wooden ToysIf you’ve been to a toy store lately, you’ve probably noticed that the majority of toys are bright, loud, and plastic.

However, old-fashioned wooden toys that used to entertain kids for hours have made a strong comeback in recent years.

In fact, playing with wooden toys can actually be very beneficial for your child.

Extremely Durable             

Wooden toys are durable; a must-have when it comes to children’s toys. Wooden toys rarely break or lose their paint like many other toys do. Instead of being made of plastic that easily cracks, wooden toys are sturdy and stand up to play time that might be on the rougher side. Unlike stuffed animals, wooden toys will stand the test of time. If you give one to your child to play with, your great grandchild could be playing with the same toy decades from now.

Commit to Safety

Since wooden toys aren’t as prone to breakage as other types of toys on the market, they are often safer for your kids to play with. You won’t have to worry about cuts or scrapes on jagged plastic. All wooden toys are sanded and treated, so splinters won’t be an issue either. Although you have to make sure the toy is age appropriate, they often provide safer options when compared to other toys.

Creativity and Imagination

Wooden toys are just that: toys made of wood. Wooden toys don’t dance and sing and they don’t come with a battery pack. When your child plays with a wooden toy, he or she will have to use his or her imagination in order to play. Imagination and creativity don’t come easily to children who spend most of their days watching television or playing with electronics.

Carriage House Furnishings has a variety of children’s toys available, along with wooden storage and toy chests.

How Playing with Dolls Benefits Children

How Playing with Dolls Benefits Children It can be hard to pull children away from their electronics. Kids have so many stimulating devices around them that it can be hard to focus their attention elsewhere, but old-fashioned play is great for their minds and their bodies.

Playing dolls comes with a variety of benefits of children of all genders.

Social Skills

Playing with dolls encourages children to play in groups and learn how to cooperate with one another. When children play things such as “house” which is often played with dolls, they are learning how to communicate, establish responsibility, share with one another and more.


Being responsible for a doll can teach a child how to care for something independently. They are responsible for feed the doll, changing the doll, tucking the doll in, and so forth. Children voluntarily care for their dolls without even being told, teaching responsibility to themselves.


Any child can watch cartoons and invest themselves into the story and the characters, but it takes true imagination to play make believe. When your children play with dolls, they’re exercising the part of their brain that is responsible for creativity and compassion. Dolls force them to play pretend.

Brain Development

Playing with dolls has also been known to increase fine motor skills and cognitive ability in children. The more they play with their dolls, the more they will grow and develop.

Carriage House Furnishings has all you need to create a doll wonderland in your home: click here to view a selection of our doll furniture, and order today!

Caring for Wooden Furniture

Home TipsInvesting in good furniture means you have to care for it properly: the same old dusting method you use with your Ikea furniture just won’t do when it comes to high quality wood furniture.

If you’re not familiar with the rules of wood care, don’t worry: Carriage House Furnishings is here to help.

After all, the better you care for your wood furniture now, the longer it will last and continue to look beautiful with time.

Everyday Care

To care for the wood finishing, start by just wiping the dirt and grime off with a mild dish soap and warm water. Don’t worry; it’s okay to get the wood wet, as long as you don’t drench it in water. Just make sure the cloth is damp, not sopping. To clean tricky areas like grooves or intricate detailing, use a soft toothbrush and the same gentle dish soap with warm water.


Avoid Heat & Sunlight

According to HGTV, you shouldn’t place your wood furniture near a heating vent, radiator or fire place if you want to keep it in good shape, and we agree. Don’t keep antiques in the attic where it may be more humid than the rest of your home, and keep your furniture out of direct sunlight, since that will cause the finish to fade.

Dust Often

Dusting your wood furniture with a moistened dust cloth will prevent dirt and grime from settling in, so make dusting a weekly or even daily chore.

Keep these tips in mind when you clean your wood furniture, and we’re sure that each piece will last for many years to come. Don’t have much wood furniture yet but love the look? Click here to view some of the hickory furniture available now at Carriage House Furnishings and update your home decor.

Mixing Different Woods into Your Home Decor

Home Decor IdeasTraditional design etiquette might have you believing that you should be sticking to one certain type or stain of wood within your home. However, modern design trends are shifting away from this concept and are encouraging people to incorporate some mixed woods.

Here are a few easy ways to mix different woods into your home décor, so that you don’t have to worry about always having matching furniture pieces!

Mixing Dark and Light

Creating contrast in your home is the key to a cohesive design: if everything is the same color, you run the risk of your home looking too staged. Instead of opting for all pine, mix your pine pieces with a dark cherry piece. Light and dark contrasts will give the room some dimension. Stick to one light shade of wood and one dark, and if you want, add in a painted wooden accent piece.

Flooring Contrast

If you have wood floors, it is suggested that you break up the space by using lighter or darker woods for your furniture. Having just one shade of wood in a room can leave your home décor feeling too simple. Instead, mix your dark wood floors with light pine furniture or vice versa.

Learn to Balance

To showcase a dark piece that you love, surround it with lighter pieces, or if you’re feeling bold, white washed finishes. The lighter colors will help the dark pieces to pop and the color contrast will give the space a good balance.

Pay Attention to Grain and Texture

Just like mixing and matching wood stains will give your space dimension, mixing grains and textures of wood will do the same. Add a reclaimed wood accent piece to a room that has an oak floor in order to show off something rugged by comparing it to something smooth.

Carriage House Furnishings offers the very best in Amish Furniture in the Lancaster PA area. Our products are designed and solid wood constructed to add beauty to your home while being highly functional at the same time.

Freshen Your Children’s Dollhouse with New Furniture

Parents out there know that it can be hard to keep the kids interested in their toys. After a while, everything they have seems to get tossed to the side in favor of something shiny and new – or something with a screen! We know that you spent a lot of time and money choosing the perfect dollhouse that can grow with your child, so why not freshen it up with some new furniture pieces to get your kids interested in it again?

Bedroom RefreshFreshen Your Children’s Dollhouse with New Furniture

Outfit your dollhouse bedroom in the latest styles from Carriage House Furnishings. Who doesn’t love an adorable set of bunkbeds? Our doll bunkbeds are made with maple wood and painted white. Plus, each pair of bunks comes with bedding, so all your kids have to do is arrange them in the space and start playing! Smaller dollhouses or homes for single dolls can benefit from new bedding, too, which is why we also offer the single doll bed, complete with cute striped bedding.

Summer Wardrobe

Your children’s dolls will be the talk of the doll neighborhood when they have this luxFreshen Your Children’s Dollhouse with New Furnitureurious deluxe doll wardrobe to house their clothes and accessories. Made from pine in a light harvest finish, this wardrobe may even make the humans in your house jealous of the doll’s storage. Plus, this doll wardrobe is large enough to house some smaller dolls, too, making it a storage space for more than just the accessories.

We also have the simple, yet classic chest of drawers, perfect for the dollhouse that is lacking in storage. Made from pine in a harvest finish, this piece is also available in white. Your kids can stow their doll’s favorite off-season outfits in the drawers and dress them up for any occasion.

Making Meals and Memories

Freshen Your Children’s Dollhouse with New FurnitureWhen it’s time for lunch, the dolls need a spot to sit: so, for the kitchen we have a painted maple wood doll highchair, also available in neutral. The model is also available in oak. It’s the perfect place for your children’s dolls to pull up a seat for snack time.

We can also make playtime more fun with a range of kitchen accessories. Our sink and stove combo will give your child the perfect place to make their tea for tea parties, while the refrigerator piece is perfect to round out the kitchen look. But what about the cups and plates? Store them in the kitchen hutch, and pull them out when it’s time to play.

Check out our full inventory of doll products and children’s furniture online now and see some of the most popular options available – including all new dollhouses and barns. Stop in to Carriage House Furnishings today and shop our showroom in Ronks, Pennsylvania, or call us at 717-768-8712 to learn more.

Be More Cozy in Your Living Room

The living room is the heart of your home. It’s the room where you gather with friends and family to share a meal or a glass of wine, tell stories or watch them on TV, and simply spend time together making memories. For these reasons and many more, at Carriage House Furnishings, we think living rooms should be as cozy as possible.

While the couch you all settle onto is an important part of the cozy aesthetic, but that doesn’t mean your living room tables are any less crucial to having a comfortable space. Here are some of our favorite pieces that’ll fit seamlessly into your living room and help make your living room all the more welcoming and accommodating.

Our 35-inch round maple coffee table is the perfect centerpiece for any living room, no matter how your seating is configured. The round shape will encourage everyone to grab a spot to sit, bring their drink, and settle in. The classic dark maple is homey and comfortable, and will complement just about any décor style.

Coffee TableOur bigger coffee table with doors is great for larger spaces and features built-in space for storage of family games, magazines and more. No matter what kind of coffee table style you prefer, the options at Carriage House Furnishings will tie your room together, and give you and your family and your guests a big, comfortable, sturdy spot to gather.

End tables are just as important when we’re talking about tables and living rooms. End tables serve a vital role, whether it’s simply a place to rest a glass or the home for a lamp! Our end tables with drawers offer different options depending on your aesthetic preferences. Our traditional style end table features a lighter top and a more open stance that blends into a casual room design, while our more modern end table option features straight lines and a squared body, with a lower storage shelf for additional storage.

If you’re looking for a little extra storage for the living room, consider a sofa table. These tables aren’t for those in the seats but instead provide more storage in your living room. These tables are perfect for larger parties and gatherings, providing a space to store snacks, while the extra cabinet space can serve as a place to keep extra batteries, cords, games, books or anything else.

Take a look at our available living room products online now, and call Carriage House Furnishings today at 717-768-8712 to learn more about any item or to ask about custom options to make your cozy living room look even more inviting.